Does God really inhabit our praise?

Does God really inhabit our praise?

Does God really inhabit our praise?

Ps 22But thou art holy, O thou that “inhabitest” the praises of Israel. (KJV)

A decade before we started Go West trips and using buses as a ministry tool, I recall seeking the Lord in 1974 for a better means to provide for my young family. One of the options was to work as a book store manager or for the city of Columbia MO as a youth director. In both cases I qualified and made it to the final 2. And in both cases, I was not hired. When the 2nd position failed to come through, though disappointed, I knew it was the Spirit’s answer. I recall praising Him for taking me out of both offers because neither were direct ministry. I also knew He was showing me a better alternative. A few days later while praying with my senior pastor and a new (young) elder, I heard the Spirit clearly tell me to look for Wilson Street near the University of Missouri campus to find a ministry house for young men who had recently come to faith in Christ….yet after searching for a few hours, nothing was seen for rent or sale. Talk about feeling my spiritual compass was messed up!

Two days later the college pastor, who had been on a vacation, called to say he had bought a rental house near the campus while I had been on my Christmas vacation a week prior to his. I told him I bet I know where it is: on Wilson Street! He asked how I knew.

From there the Spirit quickly gave us 5 new believers plus that one new elder to live in the Wilson St Discipleship House where His Spirit began mighty works during the next short season of our lives. A year later God called us to international student ministry and we moved to Houston TX but not before a new church was birthed that is still active sharing their faith in Christ today.

By the way, I never received a penny from either the youth pastor or any of the new saints for the labor of love I invested in that house and their lives. If you are in mission work and looking for others to supply your needs, this would be devastating! Nonetheless, like Elijah feed by the ravens at the Brook Kerith (1Kings 17), God kept providing all we needed to walk by faith. And those lesson were worth every penny!

So I encourage you to lift up your soul in praise and confidence that He knows every tiny detail of your need and that He will reward & inhabit the praise of your heart to Him.

Ps 24Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in.

Bob Culver, on in Face to Face