Remember the horrible ebola outbreak in 2014? One of the first CDC doctors called into the fight was my sister in Christ, Modupe, from Nigeria. She’s not what this blog is about, but because of her dedication to serve when everyone was afraid to go to that corner of Africa, one of our church members PhotoShopped her smile of compassion in action. And now there is a new move about this episode of fear and fighting the good fight.

“Facing Darkness”  does a great job showing the raw emotions about the struggle it was for the Samaritan’s Purse group and those of the other relief agency getting overwhelmed by the rapidly rising death count where they could only try to mitigate some of the pain of those dying from ebola. When Dr. Brantley contracted the disease it just about broke them all. If he could get it, being as careful as he was, wouldn’t the rest of them get ebola? They basically had to retreat and regroup, but only when emergency help came largely from the States. The film doesn’t glorify anyone except the invisible Lord of Glory and how he was working in and behind the scenes. I thought Franklin Graham was especially open disclosing his vulnerability to despair about Brantley’s contracting ebola. It was quite moving.

I encourage anyone to see the encore presentation on April 10th if you missed it last week.